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Aventura Amazonia

The AMAZONIA AVENTURA parks are the authentic theme parks of Aventura en los Árboles, where YOU are the protagonist of your own adventure. They are parks for ALL, since you do not need to have a certain age, physical condition or a special ability to participate, in such a way that you can freely decide the multi-adventure circuits in which you want your own adventure to pass.

The best known games are zip lines, but in Aventura Amazonia you can find a huge variety of games and ways to move from one tree to another. These games are grouped by difficulty level forming multi-adventure circuits, and are identified by colors, beginning from KIDS (for children from 6 years) and ending in X-TREM (for those who want to burn adrenaline)

Excitement, Fun, Nature, Adventure and maximum Security in the multi-adventure circuits you will find in any of the five parks that are located in Spain. The parks are very large, with routes composed of a large number of games, always very long and fully integrated into the forest.

For more information: Aventura Amazonia

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